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Providing advanced services with +15years of experience in Networking and Security.

Which Services ?

  • Help companies, starting from SME up to multinational to devellop an easily maintainable and highly secured and protected network independent of the vendor.
  • Install/upgrade/support/troubleshoot of security products and technologies. Firewalls, VPNs, remote access, proxies, Intrusion detection systems, loadbalancers etc.
  • Routing and switching (Lan connectivity).
  • Advice how to reach a higher security protection ratio.
  • Audit infrastructures and report on the foundings
  • Virtualisation

Latest announcements

BlackEnergy strikes again: news media and electric industry

The cybercriminal group behind BlackEnergy, the malware family that has been around since 2007 and has made a comeback in 2014 (see our previous blog posts on Back in BlackEnergy *: 2014 Targeted Attacks in Ukraine and Poland and BlackEnergy PowerPoint Campaigns), was also active in the year 2015. ESET has recently discovered that the BlackEnergy trojan was […]

PALO ALTO: Upcoming App-ID changes to Google Applications (IMPORTANT for all Palo Alto users!!)

https://live.paloaltonetworks.com/t5/Management-Articles/Upcoming-App-ID-changes-to-Google-Applications/ta-p/66890 Upcoming App-ID changes to Google Applications by EmmaF Tuesday – edited Friday(3,055 Views) Labels: App-ID , Objects & Security Profiles The week of 01-December-2015, Palo Alto Networks plans to add a new App-ID named “google-base”, intended to simplify the safe enablement of Google applications and streamline policy configuration. Please follow the FAQ below to […]

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